Knowing What Messages You Want To Send

With more than 17 years of experience, IDT is one of the biggest consulting firms in the field of design and supervision in hydrotechnics in the Republic of Croatia.

Constantly evolving, they have positioned themselves as an active participant in all branches of hydrotechnics, with a focus on geotechnics development.

Finding alternative ways of promoting themselves, they were perfectly fine operating without a proper webpage for years. Wanting to further improve their brand, they recently contacted Adonomy with one goal in mind – building a new website!

Making the right decisions

When we started working on the website, we found ourselves in an atypical situation. Apart from an already established logotype, there was no strong brand identity developed.

We were free to come up with our own color and style suggestions. 

The first thing we took into account is that IDT is one of the leading firms in their field with years of experience. Therefore we decided to go with a classic style that mirrors their identity. 

We chose to go with oval elements to give them a smooth, relaxed and elegant look.

When it came to colors, blue was a no-brainer considering IDT works in hydrotechnics. During our brainstorming session, we realized IDT’s services have an impact on nature. We wanted to focus on their socially responsible design and protection of the environment. That’s why we went with white, with the goal of representing purity and calmness.

We added a pinch of green, and some amazing natural vistas – and in no time at all, the website was ready to go live!


You should never stop nurturing your brand, no matter how strong it is.

IDT made the right decision partnering with Adonomy to create a new website. We had smooth and fruitful cooperation. Now they have a beautiful and slick website that goes well with their services. A proper place where they can showcase their firm. 

Miroslav Blanda

Executive director

IDT d.o.o.

From the start, we were confident Adonomy would do an excellent job. And they did! They were always ready to listen to our thoughts and inputs. We are quite satisfied with the final product.

If you would like to become a success story just like IDT, contact us today.