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Founded more than 20 years ago, Primakon was one of the first Croatian businesses offering project management services. They established themselves as the industry leader in implementing project management solutions, providing education, and offering consulting services.

Need for change

However, over the years, while focusing on their work, they neglected their website. It was outdated, unresponsive, and very slow. They engaged an in-house team to create a new website, but the work was moving slowly. This is a pretty common mistake, and we talk in-depth about it in this article.

Our Adonomy team was called in to help and create a new website.

Primakon web redesign process:

1. New structure

The first thing to tackle was the website’s structure. The old Primakon website had almost 40 subpages, the navigation was complicated and different in the Croatian and English versions of the website. We went through all the subpages, came up with ideas for a new primary menu, and using GlooMaps – presented our proposition. They accepted our suggestion and we were ready to move on.

Primakon’s new web structure:

2. New layout

Next, we created wireframes and mockups for all the major website sections – ‘homepage’, ‘solutions’, ‘educations’, ‘consulting’, and ‘about us’. Soon enough we had an improved, modern visual style that suited Primakon perfectly. We also updated the old Primakon logo and made it more elegant. 

Primakon’s new web wireframe:

3. New content

Then we set about to change all the texts on the website. Written by professionals with years of experience in project management, the texts were a bit too hard to read. It is important to note the texts on your business website should be simple and straight to the point. A lot of your website’s visitors won’t have the same expertise as you do. Your texts should convey clear-cut messages. 

4. Case studies segment

While developing the new website, we noticed the old website lacked a ‘case studies’ segment where Primakon could show off their work. That was especially troublesome since they already had a lot of case studies written and ready to be published, but they had no place to do so! We suggested a ‘case studies’ submenu and helped create a case study style they could use. 

SEO strategy

A few weeks later, the new Primakon website was online. We implemented a few basic SEO principles for both Croatian and English version of the site:

  • added an SSL certificate
  • set up the preferred domain
  • created a simple and well-structured navigation
  • defined user-friendly URLs
  • put together unique headings 
  • wrote meta titles and descriptions
  • did a site speed upgrade
  • did 301 redirects of old pages (that contain backlinks / are in featured snippets) to new relevant content with new permalinks
  • introduced redirects to the preferred language based on the users’ IP
  • created basic schema settings (for default pages, blog posts, about us page, GDPR page, etc.)

And then the real magic happened! It turned out Primakon wasn’t ranking for a lot of keywords crucial for their business. With only a few basic steps, we managed to skyrocket their search engine positions.

Keep in mind – these are one-week results!




One of the best things about the Primakon website development was how smooth it went. We participated in weekly half-hour/hour-long meetings with the Primakon staff. Every week we went through all the ideas, comments, and suggestions. It was essential to always be on the same page. That way we could produce results quickly. Collaborating with your partners is of the utmost importance in all projects, and this was no exception. By working all together with Primakon as a team, we managed to deliver the best possible results for their business success.

Marko Šimac

Marko Šimac

Executive director


The thing that surprised me the most about Adonomy is how fast they work. In a short period of time, they delivered a professional website that is perfect for us.

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