Understanding Your Target Audience

InfraSound is premium music and sound design publishing agency that has had its music placed in more than 100 trailers worldwide. Working with the best and most experienced composers in the industry, InfraSound quickly became an exceptional publisher. They contacted Adonomy with the idea of updating their old website to an amazing audio store.

InfraSound webshop redesign process

As always, we went with our segmented approach to website building. First, we delivered the suggestion for the web structure, using the website GlooMaps:

Then we delivered our suggestion for the website layout, using wireframes:

Segmenting our work process in such a way ensures that we’re always on the same page with our partner and minimizes the need for design revisions further down the line.

Taking the target audience into account

While designing the audio store, we always had InfraSound’s target audience in mind. Anyone who has ever done any video editing knows that music can make or break a project. Therefore we wanted the new InfraSound website to provide a theatrical and epic experience the moment someone visits it.

Also, we put extra care into designing the library section of the website. The goal was to provide the visitors with a catalog that was easy to navigate, had all the relevant genres and instruments, and an in-built audio player. And we did just that! The library we created is very elegant and a joy to use. 

Furthermore, according to the InfraSound team’s wishes, we included an extra level of functionality to the website – a section only accessible to composers.  




The whole process of designing InfraSound’s audio store went without any problems whatsoever. Working with their team was a smooth, enjoyable, and entertaining experience. Considering the fact that the Adonomy team is mostly made of film buffs, working on such a project was a dream come true. 

Matko Brekalo

Matko Brekalo

Licensing Manager

InfraSound Music

When starting our audio store project, we were looking for a partner who could understand us, our business and our target audience. With Adonomy we got that, and more!

If you would like to become a success story just like InfraSound, contact us today.