Using SEO Techniques To Drive Users To Your Website

The case is an unusual one and not something the Adonomy team usually does. The idea for the project came up randomly. 

Some time ago we were out casually talking with a friend of ours. He mentioned that his grandma, who had recently acquired a mobile phone, was unsuccessful in finding prayers (molitve) online. 

That situation got us thinking – what if we created a website that makes it easy for people to find and search through prayers? At Adonomy we believe in corporate social responsibility and try to give back to the community when we can. This seemed like the perfect way of doing so! 

First steps

The first thing we did was to purchase a domain. We were lucky enough to find an available exact match domain for one of our main keywords. After that, we turned on our SEO analysis tools. We went through all the relevant keywords and their search volume. 

We also analyzed other websites ranking for these keywords. 

That gave us a good understanding of what content people are looking for online. That became the basis for our content plan, as well as our site structure and on-site SEO strategy. 

And we made a website.


Soon after posting the first prayers online, we started getting visitors to the page. So it was time for us to further optimize the page and deliver an even better user experience! 

We started up a newsletter and gave users the option to opt in to push notifications. We developed additional content such as short YouTube videos and opened up a Facebook page and a Facebook group. 

We even partnered with some other websites and exchanged links with them. 

We were constantly going over statistics via Google Analytics and Search Console, which gave us additional info on how to adjust our content. 

Among the changes we did was A/B testing the colors of CTA buttons, and setting up relevant internal linking inside our content. 

Needless to say – we paid attention to titles and meta descriptions, therefore improving average CTR over time.

The user experience was steadily going up. 

We noticed a higher average session duration, lower bounce rate, as well as more pages per session.

We implemented Google Adsense on the website only as a convenient and simple way of covering the website costs and maintenance. 


Through a time period of 11 months we’ve had enormous organic growth:

We also managed to build an engaging community on Facebook, therefore having 5% off all sessions directly from this social network. Other than that, we can proudly say that we built a brand that managed to get over 10% direct traffic. 

Content exchange with other portals and push notifications make around 5% of the remaining traffic.

Right now, we are at the top of Google (positions 1-3) for 250 keywords!


No matter the political, economical, societal, or religious views, people want to find online content relevant to their interests and have a great UX while doing so. was made with the goal of helping people search for prayers more easily. We did everything we could to achieve just that. 

And the friend’s grandma from the beginning of the story – satisfied! As well as thousands of others.

If you would like to become a success story just like, contact us today.