First Year of Adonomy

Sep 5, 2021Adonomy

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This July, we in Adonomy celebrated our first official birthday. Unofficially, we had started somewhat earlier – in January. Our beginnings were far from ideal.


One day, the other co-owner, Filip, and I decided to leave our previous jobs/promising careers to start something of our own.

However, not everyone around us shared our enthusiasm. Some of our friends and acquaintances were skeptical when they heard our ideas. They even went so far as to call us silly. They did have a point – after all, we were leaving good jobs and stepping into the unknown.

Not everyone finds that kind of life appealing.

Despite those comments, we didn’t let the naysayers change our plans. Armed with our expertise and passion, we bravely began our journey.


And then COVID hit hard. Remote work, lockdowns, closed borders, etc. were irrevocably changing the global economy.

Surrounded by all that commotion, there were we, two young men just trying to start their startup. Dealing with the administration while trying to open a business can give you headaches by itself. That becomes much worse during the lockdown. Then, there was the challenge of finding initial clients.

Corporations worldwide had to find answers in dealing with the problems COVID had created. Not all local businesses were ready to allocate their resources towards marketing. I don’t blame them, they didn’t know if they would survive the year. Hell, I wasn’t sure if we were going to!


But, we did. We persevered day by day.

We started small, taking a local client or two, and we did all we could to achieve something great. Results inevitably followed, and soon we were working with big national and international clients.

Our team expanded as well. All our hard work paid off, and the challenges we encountered only made us stronger. And the most important thing – we had lots of fun every step of the way!

It didn’t take long for Adonomy to find its place and become the excellent agency we had envisioned it to be from the first day. I believe it’s only going to get better from here since I don’t see any limit to our potential and capabilities. That’s what makes Adonomy the most trusted digital marketing partner you can find online

Happy birthday to us! 

Writen by: <a href="" target="_self">Dorian Sabo</a>

Writen by: Dorian Sabo

CEO & Co-founder at Adonomy